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Life Member Programs

Who is a Life Member? - On January 1 of any year, any member who is at least 65 years of age and whose "age plus continuous years of membership" exceed 100 automatically becomes a life member of IEEE. The member is notified by letter in the preceding fall at the time of the annual dues renewal mailing.

Advantages of Life Membership - Mandatory basic dues cease, other charges (e.g. periodicals, conference registrations, etc. are generally lower) and life members are asked to consider making a voluntary donation to one of the IEEE charitable entities such as the IEEE Life Member Fund, the IEEE Foundation, and the IEEE Canadian Foundation.
All life members must return the annual membership renewal form indicating they wish to continue their membership even though no dues are required. A contribution to the Canadian or IEEE Foundation can be made using the same renewal notice; A tax receipt will be issued for donations to the IEEE Canadian Foundation.

Life Member Affinity Groups have been formed in the following Sections;

  • Vancouver Section - Chair Shail Mahanti
  • Toronto Section - Chair Pelle Westlind, Vice Chair Pat Finnigan
  • Winnipeg Section - Chair Len Bateman, Vice Chair, Lindsay Ingram 
  • Hamilton Section -  Chair Bert de Kat, Vice Chair Frank Bernard
  • Kingston Section - Chair V.I.John
  • Montreal Section - Chair Lorne Keyes, Vice Chair Gilles Barill, Secretary Frank Corbett, Treasurer Art Yellon   
  • Peterborough Section - Chair Simon Taylor
  • Southern Alberta Section - Chair (to be appointed) 
  • London Section - Chair Eric Auzins, Vice Chair John Watson  
  • Ottawa Section - Chair David Coll
  • Canadian Atlantic Section - Acting Chair Mo El-Hawary

Sections with life member representatives;

  • Victoria Section- Andrew Molozzi 
  • Kitchener-Waterloo--Herb Ratz 
  • Newfoundland/Labrador Section - Wally Read

Questions or comments? - If you have any questions about the Life Member programs in Canada or would like to get involved please contact Dave , IEEE Canada Life Member Chair, or the representative in your section.

Life Member Meetings Summary
- Sept 24, 2010 - Meeting Summary - Excel
- Life Member Group Officers - Sept 2010 - Excel

Life Member Affinity Groups Procedures
Based on the MGA operations Manual provides detailed operations and procedures for life member groups including life member status, getting started operational funding request and reporting:
Download the 5 page Life Member Affinity Groups Procedures

Download - Regional Life Members Coordinator Workshop Summary: April 2010 With Affinity Group Best Practices - item 5

Completed L31 forms are to be submitted to

IEEE Regional Activities Department,
c/o LM Affinity Groups, 445 Hoes Lane,
Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331 USA

Fax 732-463-3657 after each Group meeting. Holding 2 meetings annually will qualify the relevant section for funding from IEEE.

The IEEE Canada Life Member Committee
Chair - Mo
Eastern Canada Rep –Mo El-Hawary
Central Canada Rep - Ron Potts
Western Canada Rep – Madan

First Hand Histories
Do you have a story to tell? No matter how big or small, we would be delighted to add your memoirs to the collection. To contribute your First Hand History visit

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