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EIC Honorees who are IEEE Canada Members

IEEE Canada is one of 10 member societies in the Engineering Institute of Canada.   The EIC Awards Gala (where presentations occur) is held annually in Ottawa, usually in early March.   The following is a list of IEEE members who have been honoured by being inducted as EIC Fellows.   At the Awards Gala, a few of the existing EIC Fellows are further honoured as medalists. The IEEE Canada Awards and Recognition Committee urges you to consider nominating (a) suitable candidates to be EIC Fellows and (b) EIC Fellows to be Medalists.   Please use the link on the left for more information.

Note: IEEE Canada became a member society of EIC in 1994.   Some IEEE members were part of CSECE which existed from 1976 to 1994.

EIC Medalists
Robert T.H. Alden, EIC-F, Médaille John B. Stirling Medal - Toronto, ON - citation

Colin A. Franklin, Médaille Julian C. Smith Medal - Calgary, AB - citation

David Irvine Halliday, Médaille K.Y. Lo Medal - Calgary, AB - citation

Wallace S. Read, EIC-F, Médaille Sir John Kennedy Medal - St. John's, NL - citation

Ljiljana Tracjkovic, Médaille Canadian Pacific Railway Engineering Medal - Burnaby, BC - citation

Hussein Mouftah, EIC-F, La Médaille Julian C. Smith Medal - Ottawa, ON - citation

Norman C. Beaulieu, EIC-F, K.Y. Lo Medal - Edmonton, AB - citation

Vijay K. Sood, EIC-F, Médaille Canadian Pacific Railway Medal - Montréal, QC - citation

Mohammed El-Hawary, EIC-F, Médaille Julian C. Smith Medal - Halifax, NS - citation

Celia L. Desmond, EIC-F, Médaille John B. Stirling Medal - Toronto, ON

Raymond D. Findlay, EIC-F, Médaille Canadian Pacific Railway Medal - Hamilton, ON
John B. Plant, EIC-F, Médaille John B. Stirling Medal - Kingston, ON

Michel Lecours, EIC-F, Médaille John B. Stirling Medal - Québec, QC
Om P. Malik, EIC-F, Médaille Canadian Pacific Railway Medal - Calgary, AB

Wallace S. Read, EIC-F, Médaille Julian C. Smith Medal - St. John's, NL -
citation - for achievement in the development of Canada

Vijay Bhargava, EIC-F, Médaille John B. Stirling Medal - Victoria, BC

EIC Fellows
G.S.Peter Castle, EIC-F - London, ON
Francois M Corbett, EIC-F - Montréal, QC
Abdulmotaleb El Saddick , EIC-F - Ottawa, ON
Liping Fang, EIC-F - Toronto, ON
Andrew Avi Goldenberg, EIC-F - Toronto, ON
Wenyuan Li, EIC-F - Burnaby, BC
Konstantinos Plataniotis, EIC-F - Toronto, ON

Savvas Chamberlain, EIC-F - Waterloo, ON
Tongwen Chen, EIC-F - Edmonton, AB
Mark S Fox, EIC-F - Toronto, ON
Fadhel M Ghannouchi, EIC-F - Calgary, AB
Ling Guan, EIC-F - Toronto, ON
Victor C M Leung, EIC-F - Vancouver, BC
Maike Luiken, EIC-F - London, ON
Xavier Maldague, EIC-F - Québec, QC
David Plant, EIC-F - Montréal, QC
Lotfollah Shafai, EIC-F - Winnipeg, MB
Wilsun Xu, EIC-F - Edmonton, A

Gregor Bochmann, EIC-F - Ottawa, ON - citation
Mohamed Elmasry, EIC-F - Waterloo, ON - citation
A. Leon Garcia , EIC-F - Toronto, ON - citation
Safa Kasap, EIC-F - Saskatoon, SK - citation
Raafat Mansour, EIC-F - Waterloo, ON - citation
Witold Pedrycz, EIC-F - Edmonton, AB - citation
Mohamad Sawan, EIC-F - Montreal, QC - citation
Paresh Sen , EIC-F - Kingston, ON - citation
Gregory Stone, EIC-F - Toronto, ON - citation
Bin Wu, EIC-F - Toronto, ON - citation

Bruno N. Di Stefano, EIC-F - Toronto, ON - citation
Henrietta Galiana, EIC-F - Montréal, QC - citation
John Grefford, EIC-F - Carp, ON - citation
William A. Gruver, EIC-F - Burnaby, BC - citation
Géza Joos, EIC-F - Montréal, QC - citation
Graham A Jullien, EIC-F - Calgary, AB - citation
Mohamed S. Kamel, EIC-F - Waterloo, ON - citation
Don O. Koval, EIC-F - Edmonton, AB - citation
C. Andre T. Salama, EIC-F - Toronto, ON - citation
Tarlochan S. Sidhu, EIC-F - London, ON - citation

Michael S. Davies, EIC-F - Vancouver, BC - citation
Robert A. Hanna, EIC-F Mississauga, ON - citation
Praveen Jain, EIC-F - Kingston, ON - citation
Witold Kinsner, EIC-F - Winnipeg, MA - citation
Frank Kschischang, EIC-F - Toronto, ON - citation

Robert T.H. Alden, EIC-F Toronto, ON - citation
Sunil Das, EIC-F - Ottawa, ON - citation
Charles Despins, EIC-F - Montréal, QC - citation
Masoud Farzaneh, EIC-F - Chicoutimi, QC - citation
Keith Hipel, EIC-F - Waterloo, ON - citation
John Lodge, EIC-F - Ottawa, ON - citation
Hussein Mouftah, EIC-F - Ottawa, ON - citation
Rajni Patel, EIC-F - London, ON - citation
Dorina Petriu, EIC-F - Ottawa, ON - citation

Jamal M. Deen, EIC-F - Hamilton, ON - citation
Robert W. Donaldson, EIC-F - Vancouver, BC - citation
David Haccoun, EIC-F - Montréal, QC - citation
Pas S. Pasupathy, EIC-F - Toronto, ON - citation
Adam Skorek, EIC-F - Trois-Rivières, QC - citation

Yahia Antar, EIC-F - Kingston, ON - citation
Eric Dubois, EIC-F - Ottawa, ON - citation
Paul Fortier, EIC-F - Québec, QC - citation
Samuel Pierre, EIC-F - Montréal, QC - citation
Frederick N. Trofimenkoff, EIC-F - Calgary, AB - citation

Prakash Bhartia, EIC-F - Ottawa, ON - citation
Wayne D. Grover, EIC-F - Edmonton, AB - citation
T. Aaron Guliver, EIC-F - Victoria, BC - citation
David Thomas Lynch, EIC-F - Edmonton, AB - citation
Guy Olivier, EIC-F - Montréal, QC - citation
Rangaraj M. Rangayan, EIC-F - Winnipeg, MB - citation

Norman C. Beaulieu, EIC-F - Kingston, ON - citation
Nikitas J. Dimopoulos, EIC-F - Victoria, BC - citation
James W. Haslett, EIC-F - Calgary, AB - citation
Om P. Malik, EIC-F - Calgary, AB - citation
Robert Matyas, EIC-F - Ottawa, ON - citation
Hilmi Turanli, EIC-F - Winnipeg, MB - citation

Agathoklis Panajotis, EIC-F
John W. Bandler, EIC-F - Hamilton, ON
Aziz Y. Chikhani, EIC-F - Kingston, ON
Witold Krzymien, EIC-F
Tho Le-Ngoc, EIC-F Montreal, QC
Emil M. Petriu, EIC-F Ottawa, ON

Wallas H. Khella, EIC-F Toronto, ON
Chandra M. Kudsia, EIC-F Cambridge, ON
Vijay K. Sood, EIC-F Montreal, QC

Dave J. Kemp, EIC-F Winnipeg, MB
William O. Kennedy, EIC-F Calgary, AB
Guy Lefebvre, EIC-F
Aziz Rahman, EIC-F St. Johns, NL
Rabab K. Ward, EIC-F Vancouver, BC

Jacek Chrostowski, EIC-F Ottawa, ON
Ferial El-Hawary, EIC-F Halifax, NS

Raymond D. Findlay, EIC-F Hamilton, ON
Lawrence M. Howe, EIC-F
Louis A. Poulin, EIC-F
Euan S. Strachan, EIC-F

Mohindar S. Sachdev, EIC-F Saskatoon, SK

Nicolas D. Georganas, EIC-F Ottawa, ON

Rangaswamy Seshadri, EIC-F

Gilles Y. Delisle, EIC-F Montreal, QC

Michel Lecours, EIC-F Québec, QC (deceased)

Eric G. Manning, EIC-F Victoria, BC
John B. Plant, EIC-F Kingston, ON

Vijay K. Bhargava, EIC-F Vancouver, BC

V. Ramachandran, EIC-F Montreal, QC
Martin L. Wedepohl, EIC-F Vancouver, BC

Moe E. El-Hawary, EIC-F Halifax, NS
James F. Lindsay, EIC-F

Roy Billinton, EIC-F Saskatoon, SK
Gilles Perron, EIC-F
S.N.W. Swamy, EIC-F Saint-Lambert, QC
Desmond P. Taylor, EIC-F New Zealand
Pieter Van Vliet, EIC-F

Cameron W. Blachford, EIC-F
Colin K. Campbell, EIC-F Hamilton, ON
Ronald J. Fleming, EIC-F
Gordon R. Slemon, EIC-F Toronto, ON
A. N. Venetsanopoulos, EIC-F Toronto, ON

Edward F. Glass, EIC-F Winnipeg, MB (deceased)
Dinkar Mukhedkar, EIC-F Montreal, QC (deceased)
Wallace S. Read, EIC-F St. Johns, NL

Walter F. Light, EIC-F


Charles H.R. Campling, EIC-F
Tomas J.F. Pavlasek, EIC-F Montreal, QC

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