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Nominating IEEE Canada Members and Sections for Awards

The IEEE Canada Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) urges you to consider nominating suitable candidates for the various awards that are available to IEEE Canada members and Sections.
Categories of Awards

IEEE Canada Awards
- IEEE Canada Major Awards *
- IEEE Canada Exemplary Section Award *

Other IEEE and EIC Awards
- IEEE Fellows
- IEEE MGA (RA) Awards ***
- IEEE Awards
- Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Medals & Fellows
Nomination Deadlines

15 November
31 March

1 March
15 October
Varies for each award
15 November
* on this page
*** on Jan 1, 2008 RA (Regional Activities) became MGA (Member and Geographic Activities)

Nominating a Member for one of the following IEEE Canada Major Awards:
(click here for award descriptions and here for past recipients)

Achievement: A.G.L. McNaughton Award, R.A. Fessenden Award, Power Engineering Award, C.C. Gotlieb Computer Award, Outstanding Engineer Award, J.M. Ham Outstanding Engineering Educator Award

Service: W.S. Read Outstanding Service Award, J.J. Archambault Eastern Canada Merit Award, M.B. Broughton Central Canada Merit Award, E.F. Glass Western Canada Merit Award.

R.H. Tanner Industry Leadership Award:

The Nomination Procedure for each of the above awards uses two online web forms; one for nominations, the other for endorsements.  Each nomination requires two endorsements from different people.   Anyone (including non-members) can nominate but only IEEE members (from any Region) can endorse.   Members of the IEEE Canada awards and executive committees are ineligible to act as nominators or endorsers.   Nominees for achievement and service awards must be Canadian IEEE members, but the industry leadership award is open.

Note that CVs will not be accepted. Incomplete nomination and endorsement forms can not be submitted and limits are enforced on input.   Late submissions must be resubmitted for consideration the following year.   Please read the web forms (especially the notes at the top of each form) very carefully before you begin to enter information.
Please use these online web forms for submitting your nomination or endorsement.
              This link for the achievement awards nomination form
              This link for the service awards nomination form
              This link for the achievement & service endorsement form

              This link for the industry leadership award nomination form
              This link for the industry leadership endorsement form
If you are unable to use the online forms, you may use Word to produce both forms, but you must follow the exact sequence and format of the online forms (including the character count). The Word document should be emailed as an attachment to the committee at

The Critical Dates: 2014-2015 Award Cycle
              • Nominations and endorsements must be received by: 15 November 2014
              • Recipients selected: early December 2014
              • IEEE Canada approval: December 2014
              • Recipients notified: December 2014
              • Presentations: May 2015 during the CCECE in Halifax

Nominating a Section
Each of the three area chairs are invited to nominate two of their Sections (one large & one small) for the IEEE Canada Exemplary Section Awards. Midnight (Eastern time) Monday 31 March 2015 is the deadline for for receipt of nominations for awards presented at the spring 2015 IEEE Canada Board meeting. The Section Chair of each nominated Section should complete this form and email it as an attachment to the committee at This form will be used initially for the IEEE Canada competition. The winning forms will then be forwarded to IEEE MGA for their worldwide competition.
  • IEEE Canada Exemplary Section Award
    To recognize good Section leadership, management and administration for the immediate past Section year. There are three awards, one for large Sections (with more than 1,501 members), one for medium sections (with 501-1,500 members), and one for small Sections (with 500 or fewer members)(all numbers include students).

  • MGA Outstanding Section Award
    Additionally, the committee will select three nominations (one large, one medium, and one small section) and forward them to IEEE MGA as the Region 7 entries for the worldwide MGA Outstanding Section awards.
There are additional awards for both members and sections,
please see the IEEE MGA (RAB) Awards nominations page.

The Awards & Recognition Committee (2015)
If you have any suggestions, or questions, about these awards or the process, please contact the committee chair or one of the members using the following contact information.
Chair - Geza Joos - F-IEEE, F-EIC
Past Chair - Md Aziz Rahman F-IEEE, F-EIC
Vice Chair and Eastern Canada Rep -
Central Canada Rep - Bin Wu SM--IEEE, F-EIC
Western Canada Rep - Rabab K. Ward
A Past McNaughton Award Winner - Alberto Leon Garcia SM-IEEE, F-EIC
A Past Fessenden Award Winner - Lot Shafai F-IEEE, F-EIC
A Past Power Award Winner - Bill McDermid F-IEEE, F-EIC
A Past Gotlieb Computer Award Winner - Witold Pedrycz F-IEEE, F-EIC
Past President (ex-officio) - Keith Brown SM-IEEE
President (ex-officio) - Amir Aghdam SM-IEEE, F-EIC
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