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IEEE Milestones in Canada

The IEEE began the Milestones program in 1983 to honour technological innovation and excellence in electrical, electronic, and computer engineering. To be approved for this award, a project must be at least twenty-five years old, must have involved a unique solution to an engineering problem, and must have had a regional impact. Some of the milestones in Canada are listed here.
1 Landing of the Transatlantic Cable, 1866 (June 1985) IEEE Newfoundland-Labrador Section
2 Reception of Transatlantic Radio Signal, 1901 (October 1985) IEEE Newfoundland-Labrador Section
3 First Submarine Transatlantic Telephone Cable, 1956 IEEE Newfoundland-Labrador Section
4 Alouette-ISIS Satellite Program, 1962 (May 1993) IEEE Ottawa Section
5 Decew Falls Hydro-Electric Plant, 1898 IEEE Hamilton Section

Nelson River HVDC Transmission System, 1972

IEEE Winnipeg Section
7 First 735 kV AC Transmission System, 1965 IEEE Quebec Section
8 First distant speech transmission in Canada IEEE Hamilton Section
9 Pinawa Generating Station, 1906 IEEE Winnipeg Section
10 First External Cardiac Pacemaker, 1950 IEEE Toronto Section
11 Eel River High Voltage Direct Current Converter Station, 1972 IEEE New Brunswick Section
12 First TV Broadcast in Western Canada, 1953 IEEE Vancouver Section
13 Radio Astronomy Using VLBI, 1967 IEEE Vancouver Section
14 First 500 MeV Proton Beam from the TRIUMF Cyclotron, 1974 IEEE Vancouver Section

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