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Chairs by Year of Service
Bay of Quinte Section

This Section operated as three subsections; Belleville, Kingston and Peterborough, from which the Peterborough and Kingston Sections were formed after its dissolution in 1985. Geographically, Belleville was the lynch-pin of the Section, but Belleville proved unable to maintain technical activities from about 1983 onwards, and it was a struggle long before that.

historical notes by Simon Taylor

Year of Service Section Chair
1984-1985 Haran Karmaker
1983-1984 John McKelvie
1982-1983 Tony Eastmam
1981-1982 Hafizur Rahman
1980-1981 Simon Taylor
1979-1980 Murray Bennet
1978-1979 Denis Lywood
1977-1978 Syd Horne
1976-1977 Luc Matteau


1967-1968 Doug Hinton



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