Calgary - the centre of one of 20 Canadian Sections. 
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Weather and Travel
o Canada's Weather Office
o U.S. Weather Channel
o Canadian Time Zones
o Canada's Official Time from NRC
o Air Canada
o Via Rail
o Vancouver
o Toronto
o Winnipeg
o Province de Québec
o St. John's, Newfoundland

o Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
o CBC Radio - Real Audio
o Classical 96 FM
o BBC News British Broadcasting Company
o CNN Cable Network News
o UN News United Nations News Centre
o Canada 411 Telephone Directory
o Internet Traffic Report

Professional Organizations
o Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada
o Canadian Academy of Engineering
o Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
o Canadian Council of Professional Engineers
o Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists
o Engineering Institute of Canada
o Engineers Without Borders
o National Engineering Week
o Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
o Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief RedR Canada
o Royal Society of Canada
o Partnership Group for Science and Engineering

o Government of Canada
o Canadian Subsidy Directory - small business support
o Industry Canada - Strategis
o Public Service Comm. of Canada

Job Sites
o Canadian Technoskill Jobs Listing
o Canadian Career Click Jobs Listing
o Canadian Technical Employment Network CTEN)
o T-Net - British Columbia

o PHM Search Group - Engineering Recruitment Firm

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