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The IEEE Canada Logo

Logos are used to represent organizations. In many cases, the elements of the logo represent significant aspects of the history of the organization. This is the case with the IEEE Canada logo. Please use the "logo history" link on the left to read more about this history.

The IEEE Canada logo has three principal elements.

  • The IEEE emblem (on the left), which has components representing the two institutions that were merged in 1963 to form the IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.).

  • The CSECE logo (on the right), which was established by the Canadian Society of Electrical and Computer Engineers).

  • The name "IEEE Canada" which is the name of the organization which resulted from the merger of IEEE Region 7 and the CSECE.

  • The upper and lower horizontal lines are added to complete the framing of the name. While the right end of the lower horizontal line touches the CSECE logo, the other line ends do not touch either the IEEE emblem or the top of the CSECE (IEEE prohibits anything touching the emblem - which includes the small copyright symbol in the lower right corner).

  • The colors are significant; the name, IEEE emblem, and upper horizontal line are in "IEEE blue" which is close to the web color "navy" as used in the HTML color atribute; the CSECE logo and the lower horizontal line are in the red used in the Canada flag which is close to the web color "red" as used in the HTML color atribute.

Two versions of this logo exist as GIF files, the only difference being their size. GIF files can not be enlarged or reduced in size without seriously damaging their appearance - this is why the "large" and "small" versions are provided. These files are intended to be used as web images only, where their resolution is appropriate. These file sizes are small so that the images load quickly.

For use in word processing or publication software, higher resolution or vector-based images should be used. These are currently under development and will be posted on this web site as soon as they are available.

  • Note 1: Single pixel borders are used for this display to delineate the edges of these GIF images. Right click within these borders to download.
  • Note 2: The logo used at the top of this web page is identical to the large logo provided below, except that it is 600 pixels wide with additional white space which adds 100 bytes to the size.

  • IEEE Canada GIF Files - suitable for web page use

    Large Logo 2568 bytes, 340 x 64

    Small Logo 1502 bytes, 172 x 32

  • IEEE Canada Logo Image File in EPS format
  • IEEE Canada Logo Image File in TIFF format - suitable for printed page use
    this file is under development

For more information please contact the IEEE Canada

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