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Telidon -- The "Internet" before its time!
(Dept. of Communications)

Although videotex was born in Europe, Canada was very much interested in the technology and undertook to further improve it.  The result was "Telidon", a second generation videotex system, invented at the Communications Research Centre, research arm of the federal Department of Communications.  Telidon placed Canada as a world leader in two-way TV technology, and offered the potential to revolutionize telecommunications in Canada.

The development of Telidon was rapid, and many envisaged Telidon performing many of the services in the wired cities of tomorrow.  Unfortunately, by 1985 those utilities providing Telidon went off-line, overtaken by the rapid rise in personal computer technology with its plethora of games and software options. Few expectations were met, as networks did not catch on due to lack of accessible resources.

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