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Tips for contributors

We have now migrated R8News website to the new Region8 website. Please visit and find the new R8news pages at .

We welcome your contributions to Region 8 News. Use the information on this page to help you prepare and submit articles for inclusion in the newsletter.

Section / Chapter / Branch / conference reports

These reports are the lifeblood of Region 8 News, keeping members all over the Region up to date with what you're up to. However, to make sure we can fit all the reports into each issue, they need to be brief and to the point.

An ideal Section / Chapter/ Branch report should be between 150 and 250 words. That's not very long - in most cases that's only six or seven sentences! Here are some tips on how to keep your reports concise:

  • Always begin the article with your biggest news
  • Concentrate on your most successful recent events only
  • Include dates, locations and numbers of attendees
  • State the name of your Section / Chapter / Branch / conference clearly
  • Don't waste words on non-essential detail (such as describing the menu for a dinner event)
  • Avoid long lists of 'thank you's

In other words, just try to stick to key facts, and avoid exposition. Also be wary of redundant sentences such as "The lecture was very well received by the audience" or "The students thanked Professor Xxxxxxx for taking the time to visit the faculty". Readers will already assume that a lecture was well received (otherwise you wouldn't be writing a report about it) and that guest speakers were thanked appropriately! Remember, you only have a limited word count, so make the most of it.

Opinion articles and more

We welcome articles on just about any subject you think might be of interest to IEEE members, including opinion pieces, topical discussions, and book reviews. You might even like to challenge readers with a quiz. Feel free to discuss your idea with the editors before you start writing.

Remember that Region 8 News has limited space, so don't try to write more than 300 or 400 words for a special article like this. In a newsletter you can dispense with essay style - no need for introductions and conclusions. Instead, get right to the point and say what you want to say.

Photos and captions

Feel free to send in digital photos with your articles: we will make room for them in the newsletter wherever we can. Please write a caption for each picture you submit so that we know who or what it shows.

Images captured by digital cameras rated as 3 megapixels or higher should be fine. Use the highest resolution and lowest compression settings on your camera. Low-quality photos such as those captured by most mobile phones do not reproduce well in print, so we may not be able to use them. For the same reason, we can't make use of low-resolution images taken from websites.

File formats and submission

Send your articles to the editors by email, ensuring that you write 'Region 8 News' or 'R8 News' in the subject line. Articles should be attached to your email as a plain text file or in Microsoft Word format.

Digital photos should be supplied in JPG (or JPEG) format, and sent by email along with your articles. If your picture files are very big, contact the editor for details on how to submit them by FTP instead. Do not embed your images into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents.

Copy deadlines

The best way of ensuring your reports and articles are timely is to plan ahead according to our copy deadlines. Region 8 News is a quarterly publication, so missing an issue deadline will set you back three months! Also note that our print 'lead' times are such that we need to receive your articles TWO MONTHS before the cover date.

Copy deadline
Issue cover date
1 October 2011 December 2011 Issue

1 Janunary 2012

March 2012 Issue
1 April 2012 June 2012 Issue
1 July 2012 September 2012 Issue