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Region 8 News - March 2012
[Vol 15 No 1]

Jubilee year is the perfect opportunity to volunteer

CELEBRATE Region 8's jubilee: 50 years ago, the Institute of Radio Engineers Region 9 incorporated Europe with some of Africa. In January 1963, the IEEE was formed by a merger of IRE with AIEE, and so Europe, Middle East and most of Africa became IEEE Region 8.

This is a big opportunity for us to tell the world what IEEE is and what our members do for the world. Youngsters need to learn that engineering is a good profession that can build better lives, bringing electricity, radio and products into the world.

The idea of a professional organisation still suggests scholars and publications for research, and we have that with IEEE Technical Activities. We also have a very strong Educational Activities board pushing quality and innovation for instruction and education.

But every member is also included in a social network that we call Member and Geographical Activities. This gives you the possibility of engaging with others who share some of your interests, not only technical but social. You can volunteer. Reading these pages you can see the fun and learning that goes on through activities organised by fellow members who give some time to volunteer their skills and talents.

A long-time friend who I met through volunteering for IEEE, Roger Pollard, died recently, and his tribute can be read on page 2. He contributed many ideas to IEEE Region 8 News and discussed many issues. He was a strong candidate in the recent IEEE 2012 president-elect poll. We'll miss him.

Roland Saam

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