India-SIM 2009 is a workshop organised as an integral part of the UK-India research project in the area of information security and identity management, supported by Research Councils UK, the strategic partnership of the seven Research Councils in the United Kingdom. This initiative with a focus on the burgeoning digital economy is aimed specifically at promoting the importance of digital identity and information security solutions both in India and UK. The Indo-UK joint workshop will bring together several international experts from both academia and industry to build new Industrial-Academic focused scientific networks between the UK and India. The workshop will be used as a forum to identify and present several security and identity challenges across the globe to address better the 'gap in the digital economy market' and thus to develop further an appropriate security and identity framework and solutions to protect the next generation of IT applications.

The workshop was held at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore on January 22 and 23, 2009.


The INDIA-SIM 2009 workshop has covered

Information Management
Information Security
Digital Rights Management
Banking Technology
Information and Telecommunication
Border Control
Passport and National ID Cards
Social Networks
Cyber Legislation
Digital Fraud


Invited Speakers

Wendy Currie (Warwick Business School, UK) 
Rekha Jain (IIM-A, India) 
Mukesh Mohania (Interactive Laboratory, IBM, India) 
P. Arunachalam (CUSAT, Kerala, India) 
Rajanish Das (IIM-A, India) 
Karthik Satishkumar (IBM, India) 
B. M. A. Rahman (City University, London, UK) 
Muttukrishnan Rajarajan (City University, London, UK) 
Steven Furnell (University of Plymouth, UK) 
David Wall (University of Leeds, UK) 
Lyndon Lee (Open University, UK and British Telecom, UK) 
Kapali Viswanathan (HP Labs, India) 
Rowena Rodrigues (University of Edinburgh, UK) 
Milind G. Mungale (NSDL, Mumbai, India) 
Anurana Saluja (Infosys, India)