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Labs @ IIIT-B


Labs @ IIITB

iiit-b has a number of "focused" Labs that are physical spaces with a specific focus and typically funded by the Industry. The prominent ones include:

Intel Planet Lab - Part of the global network of "nodes" on this "Lab that extends over the Planet", Planet Lab strives to represent the "next generation of Internet" that is "policy driven", and "disciplined". IIIT-B Planet Lab is the FIRST NODE in INDIA of the 330+ nodes across the world; this is funded by Intel & HP globally
(Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Srinath Srinivasa)

Click here to visit the Planet Lab site

Honeywell Process Control Automation Lab - Funded by Honeywell, this Lab houses a "Building Automation System" that is "software controlled" from any where in the iiit-b network. This Lab gives the students a taste of 'Intelligent sensors and controllers". (Faculty
Coordinators: Prof. S S Prabhu & Prof. KLS Sharma)

HP OpenView Lab - Funded by HP this Lab houses the current and "future versions" (under development) of the highly sophisticated OpenView suite of software that controls IT & Telecom Infrastructure. (Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Debabrata Das)

IPv6 Lab - This Lab with partial funding from Microsoft will be part of the first IPv6 (next generation IP Protocol) link in India between Indian Institute of Science & IIIT-B. (Faculty Coordinator: Prof.
Debabrata Das)

D-Link / xServe Devices Lab - This Lab houses a whole range of Internet appliances & mobile devices (Cameras, Cell phones, Wireless MP3, Keyboard, Mouse etc.,) and intended to be a "fun Lab"