Women In Engineering(WIE)

The IIITB-IEEE student branch Women In Engineering affinity group would conduct a number of events under its banner which would focus on encouraging women members of IEEE to achieve their highest possible goals in their careers. This affinity group would strive to recognize the contributions of IEEE women members in academics, research and all related disciplines.

WIE is dedicated to important issues for Women Engineers

RECOGNIZES women's outstanding achievements in electrical and electronics engineering through IEEE Awards nominations.

ORGANIZES receptions at major technical conferences to enhance networking and to promote membership in WIE.

ADVOCATES women in leadership roles in IEEE governance and career advancement for women in the profession.

PROVIDES assistance with the formation of new WIE Affinity Groups and supports ongoing activities.

PROMOTES IEEE Member Grade advancement for women to the grades of Senior Member and Fellow.

FACILITATES the development of programs and activities that promote the entry into and retention of women in engineering programs.

ADMINISTERS the IEEE Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist(STAR) Program to mentor young women in junior and high schools.

WIE Scopes of Interest

Scope 1: Facilitate the development of programs and activities that promote the entry into and retention of women in engineering programs.

Scope 2: Promote IEEE membership and retention of IEEE women members.

Scope  3: Enhance the career advancement of women in the profession.