1.Certified Program on Matlab-Simulinks
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


IEEE appeared from the union of two engineering societies in the early sixties, the IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers) and the AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers). The IEEE is a society for Electrical and Computer Engineers, but that also welcomes Computer Scientists and Physicists. IEEE is what is known as a technical professional society. Every engineering branch has a technical professional society, Civil Engineering has ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), and Mechanical Engineering has ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

What distinguishes IEEE from this other societies is that IEEE is International. There are IEEE chapters in every continent, and in almost every country, and in those countries where IEEE is not established it has links with the local engineering societies, such is the case with IKE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This makes IEEE the largest engineering society in the world.

Benfits with IEEE

IEEE Benefits

• Spectrum, monthly magazine of IEEE (single     copy costs $4 ,It is FREE with Member     Subscription)
• All Technical papers are freely accessible to     IEEE members
• It gives you International Recognition as a     member of most active technical     organization(IEEE)
• Helps you do research, get recognition &     publish your work to the whole world
• Get a personal alias email id eg.     ur_name@ieee.org
• Adds value to your resume
• Entry in various international events like IEEE     Xtreme,etc.

Benfits with IEEE

• Be a part of various groups of IEEE branch viz     SIG-embedded Programming SIG-Mobile     Application etc
• Access to Digital library of IEEE
• Access to Job site of IEEE
• Access to IEEE TV on internet
• OPPORTUNITY to Represent College in     Quarterly Meets, other technical talks, etc.
• Test your quality to lead others

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conference and workshops

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This workshop enhances the circuit designing skills and enables the students to simulate the tranquil thoughts. It also paves a way to fill the barrier between Theoretical learning and Practical implementation. This workshop is very much useful to ECE, EEE , ECM and MECH Branch students.
Description of Workshop:
There are two sessions in this workshop. First session deals with Theoretical elucidation of various blocks, Menu description and importance of Command window present in MATLAB and their utilities.
In this session students will be exposed to the toolkits present in POWER SYSTEMS and POWER ELECTRONICS stream.
Second session will be a contest where a real time problem will be given and students will be asked to find the solution through MATLAB. The Winners in this round will be awarded and will receive "A CERTIFICATION OF MERIT” from IEEESB. This really adds a feather to your cap and will be very handy at the time of interviews.