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IIEE-IEEE Student Branch is one of those student branches that have been registered in IEEE Database for online registration. So now just click on, become an IEEE Student Member and also become a member of IIEE-IEEE Student Branch.
You can also renew your IEEE Student Membership as a member of IIEE-IEEE Student Branch on\renewal

The IIEE-IEEE Student Branch Mailing List is meant to provide a platform to the IEEE Student Members at Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (IIEE) to coordinate the student activities in IIEE.

The IIEE-IEEE Student Branch Mailing List is intended to keep the members up-to-date with information about the student branch’s programs. Additionally, the members can discuss issues falling with in the scope of the student branch & educational guidance for peers.


To subscribe to IIEE-IEEE Student Branch Mailing List, please send an e-mail to List Administrator, with your IEEE membership number and email address.

We look forward to your participation in the list.


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