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Following are the links to some tutorial sites containing tutorials mainly about Electronics Engineering.
[Some Links have been taken from Online-tutorials.com]


Asst. Prof. Mr. Ashab Mirza conducted a 5th Semester class assessment on Monday, the 22nd March, 2004, where we had sort of a discussion over various basic concepts of Control Engineering. These were emphasised and deemed upon as the very essentials of getting a comprehensive understanding of control engineering. Students played an active role in conducting online searches for various theories and came up with a number of vital documents. We're posting these pdf's for everyone to download it from here.

Linear/non-linear systems(SuperPosition theorem,Homogenity etc)

Transient/Steady-State/Forced Response

Feedback Control Systems



Alpha Industries Tutorials

Varactor controlled phase shifter, VCO design, PIN diodes attenuator design

American Microsemiconductor Tutorials on Semiconductors

Bipolar transistors, diacs, diodes, diode arrays, ECG, NTE, and SK replacements, germanium diode, junction FET MOSFET, SCR, tunnel diode and back diode, transient voltage suppressor, triacs, unijunction transistors, varactor diodes, zener diodes


Famous last words, UFO film clip, NTSC, bypassing, shielding, decoupling, layout, resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, op-amps, 555 timer, ISD chip, digital logic, special technologies, communications, optical, RF, mixers & modulation, filters, transmission lines, HAM radio, television, antennas, cellphones, radar, sound, graphics

Assembly Process for Hobbyists

Circuit drawing, Printed circuit drawing, circuit operation explanation, procedure of assembly wiring, troubleshooting

Basic Hobby Electronics (comprehensive)

Theory and block diagrams, practical skills, components, test and measurement, digital, diodes, junctino transistors, transistor fault finding, unijunction transistors, FETs, op-amps, Bels, Decibels, and dB, thyristor, triac, diac, multivibrators, Schmitt trigger, reactance and impedance in AC circuits, phasors and resonance, microprocessor systems, combination logic, flip-flops, sequential logic

Burr-Brown Application Reference

Voltage feedback op-amps, current feedback op-amps, A/D, D/A, isolation amplifiers, etc.

Data Communications

What is data communication?, Networking devices, The OSI reference model, The Physical layer 1, Types of connections, Physical topology, Digital signalling, Analogue signalling, Baudrate and Bitrate, The DTE and the DCE, Interface standards, Circuit terminations, Handshaking, Flow control, Timing, The difference between X- and V-recommandations, Definition of interchange circuits, Common known interfaces, V.24 interface, RS-232 interface, V.35 interface, X.21/V.11 interface, RS-449 interface, G.703 interface, Time division multiplexing, Pulse code modulation, Digital cross connect switch (ACE), The multiplexer

Electronic Lecture Notes

Direct Current Circuits , Basic Concepts, Current, Potential Difference, Resistance and Ohm's Law, The Schematic Diagram , Electromotive Force (EMF), Ground, Kirchoff's Laws, Series and Parallel Combinations of Resistors, Voltage Divider, Current Divider, Branch Current Method, Loop Current Method, Equivalent Circuits, Thevenin's and Norton's Theorems, Determination of Thevenin and Norton Circuit Elements, Problems, Alternating Current Circuits, Sinusoidal Sources and Complex Impedance, Filter Circuits, Filters and Amplifiers, Log-Log Plots and Decibels, Passive RC Filters, Low-Pass Filter, Diode Circuits, Power Supplies, Transistor Circuits, The Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET)

Elementary Electronic Components

Resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, coils, printed wiring boards, relays, wiring materials

Elementary Electronic Instruments

Soldering, holding, cutting, making hold, planning, checking, testing, arrangement, making PWB

Engineering Method for Hobbyists

Soldering iron, solder, solder sucker, pliers, wire cutters, tweezers, printed wiring board, resistor, capacitor, integrated circuit, diode transistor, wiring material

Hewlett-Packard Application Notes

AM, ATM/Parallel Test Systems, Acoustic, Agilent function generators, amplifiers, amplitude modulation, anechoic chamber, synthesizers, battery testing, CDMA, coaxial systems, communications, compliance testing, component test, crystals, data acquisition, group delay, digital communications, digital modulation, oscilloscopes, distortion, electronic counter measures, electronic warfare, error analysis,fiber optics, Fourier analysis, frequency modulation, GSM 900, LCR meters, lightwave, logic analyzers, manufacturing, materials measurement, microwave, mixers, mobile radio, RF, network analyzer, noise figure, noise, oscillators, phase linearity, phase modulation, phase noise testers, phase shift modulation, phase stability, phase locked loops, power meters, power transistors, radar, protocol analysis, receivers, reflectometers, s-parameters, satellite communications, semiconductors, signature analysis, Smith chart, spectrum analysis, standrads, stripline, system verification, TDMA, television, telecommunications, transistors, vector measurements, video, voltage controlled oscillators, wireless communications

Hukk Engineering

Digital Video Series Tutorials

Integrated Publishing

Electrical Engineering training series, engineering basics, patent your ideas, college contact information, government agency links, programming, famous quotations, internet submissions, basio machines, much more.

Linear Technology's Application Notes

AC line monitor, amplifiers, current feedback, analog switches, ballistocardiograph, battery chargers, breadboarding techniques, capacitors, CCFL test equipment, circuit breakers, omparators, controllers, converters, current loop digital help circuits, distortion measurements, drift, drivers, active RC filters, switched capacitor filters, function generators, ground planes, hot swap, interface circuits, laptop circuits, memory, micropower, models, motor control, mulitplexers, noise, oscillators, oscilloscope, Ott process, peak detectors, phase-locked loops, power management, probes, programming, pulse detector, pulse generator, pulse width modulator, radio station, Reference-AC, Reference-current, Reference-voltage, linear regulators, switching regulators, signal conditioning, temperature, signal processing, single cell, single supply, switches, telecommunications, thermal analysis, trigger, voltage, voltmeter

Matrix Test Equipment Technical Tutorials

Test Setup for Measuring X-Mod, CSB & CSO (MTN-107), Notes on Composite Second & Third Order Distortion (MTN-108), The Relationship of Intercept Points & Composite Distortions (MTN-109), Extending the Limits of Composite Inermodulation Distortion Measurements (MTN-110), Bridge Method for Measuring Intermodulation Distortion, N.T.S.C. Channel Designation and Frequency Chart, Channel Designation and Frequency Chart with FCC Offsets

Maxim Application Notes

A/D and D/A conversions/sampling circuits, amplifiers, analog, filters, battery charger, bias supply circuits, circuit protections, fiber optic circuits, high frequency wireless circuits, interface, measurement circuits, miscellaneous circuits, power supply circuits, supervisory/voltage monitor circuits, video circuits

Minicircuits Application Note Library

Measurement methods, speed IM testing, automated compression measurements, surface mount assembly, ESD control for electronics manufacturing, frequency mixers amplifiers, I & Q and QPSK modulators/demodulators, electronic attenuators, digital step attenuators, directional couplers, filters, limiters, VCOs, phase detectors, power splitters/combiners, terminations, frequency doublers, RF chokes, RF transformers, switches

Motorola Tutorials


National Semiconductor's Application Notes

I/O products, amplifiers, buffers, comparators, data acquisition, display circuits, flat panel display, interface, references, regulators, temperature sensors, audio, automotive, microcontrollers, microprocessor, aeorspace, software, networks, telecommunications, wireless base station, wireless communications


Online Streaming Audio and Video lectures from various companies.

Online Symposium of Electrical Engineers

Wireless communications, data networking, analog and RF electronics, DSP, ebmedded processing, digital logic design, bioelectronics, materials and devices, electronic systems, power electroncic

OzEmu Science

A big site. Includes wire tables (under reference section), semiconductors, tutorials, design, and much more

Power Designers

Battery charging, control techniques, electronic components, inverters, magnetics design, power control ICs, power driver devices, power factor correction, power semiconductors, power supplies and converters, soft switching techniques, thermal design, UPS systems and voltage regulators

RF Globalnet

Active components and sybsystems, antennas, transmission lines, connectors, CAD, instrumentation and test equipment, materials, devices, and circuit fabrication, passive components, and subsystems, systems design, DSP, mixed-signal, power supplies, etc.

RF MicroDevices

Power amplifiers, linear CATV amplifiers, general purpose amplifiers, modulators and upconverters, mixers, quadrature demodulators, front ends, attenuators and switches, IF amplifiers, transceivers, VCOs, IP3 calculations, microstrip line impedance, noise figure calculations, etc.

Spread Spectrum Tutorials

The ABCs of Spread Spectrum - A Tutorial on SS

Techonline University

Audio/video processing, Spread Spectrum, communications, data acquisition, DSP, embedded systems, fuzzy logic and neural network computing, input-output (IO) subsystem design, microprocessors, networking, operating systems, PCB design, portable and mobile systems, power electronics, real time operations and system design, RF circuits & systems, network routing, simulation, standards, system modeling, system theory, wireless system design, GSM

Beyond Logic

Interfacing To computers, Microcontrollers and much more

Hardware Book

Excellent Site with connector pinouts and cable descriptions

Understanding Telephone Electronics

About Telephone Electronics

CTM Control Tutorials for Matlab

Matlab for the analysis and design of automatic control systems. Cover the basics of Matlab, the most common classical control design techniques (PID, root locus, and frequency response), as well as modern (state-space) control design.






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