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Session videos for on-demand viewing available until June 20th
Welcome to the 13th International Memory Workshop
May 16th-19th, 2021 (VIRTUAL EVENT)
See below for the virtual event details
- The workshop will be a virtual event with the logistics set-up by the IEEE Meetings, Conferences & Events (MCE) Digital Events team. Most presentations (tutorials, invited/accepted papers, and posters) and opening/closing remarks will be posted online video presentation with prerecorded audio narration and available on demand. The Keynote presentations as well as Q&A Sessions will be live events, that will be recorded and be available for streaming on demand afterwards.
- The program is divided into 13 Virtual sessions: 2 Tutorial sessions (with Q&A), Opening Remarks, Technical Program (9 sessions including Q&A) and Closing Remarks. Virtual sessions will be made available in a staggered manner based on virtual program (suggested schedule) – May 16th: Tutorials, May 17th: Session 1-2, May 18th: Sessions 4-5, and May 19th: Sessions 7-8. All sessions in a given day will be made available the day before at 0:00am PDT/9:00am CEST/4:00pm JST. Note that the virtual program time schedule, as well as the time indication of the live sessions, is in CEST.
- All sessions will be available until June 20th for on-demand viewing at any time after release. Please note program schedule is only suggested viewing schedule. For the live Q&A, please submit your questions for a presentation in the relevant ON24 OnDemand session at least 1hr before the live Q&A session for that particular Session will start. The Session Chairs will collect these questions and will pose them to the Presenters at the live Q&A session.
- To access the Virtual Sessions, please visit the corresponding side-tab on the conference site and click on the session you wish to attend. In order to access the Virtual sessions, you must have a paid registration to IMW 2021. Enter the Registration Email used for your Conference Registration, as well as the Password that will be sent to you ahead of the conference. Under the Virtual sessions, each paper presentation is indexed as a Chapter. You can also navigate forward/back with the Presentation or pause/play using the Media Player controls.You can hit “enlarge” button to it to the top if the Media Player is hidden behind the bottom icons. If you experience interruptions in audio/video while playing the presentations, it may be related to internet connection issues, and we found that rewinding or restarting helps in such cases.
- For accessing the Live Sessions, use the appropriate link to enter the Zoom session.
- Tutorial eBook PDF and Technical Digest (papers) PDF will be available for download under “Resource List” in any of the Tutorial and Technical Program virtual sessions, respectively. Alternatively, both PDFs are available in Opening/Closing Remarks sessions.
- Q&A : Attendees can submit questions using “Q&A” button shown when opening the paper presentation. Mention the paper within the session in the question (for eg., paper 1.3, 2.4, so on). Pleases submit your questions before the Session’s Q&A (which is at 5pm CEST). Session chairs will collect the questions and pose them to the authors during the live Q&A.. Attendees can only attend the live sessions passively
- Help Desk Information: Please direct any questions about Virtual Conference platform access or technical issues to IEEE MCE’s Brett Houseal at b.houseal@ieee.org. For any other questions, please email at wouters@iwe.rwth-aachen.de

The 13th International Memory Workshop (IMW) will be held as a virtual event from May 16th-19th, 2021. This conference brings the memory community together in a workshop environment to discuss the memory process and design technologies, applications, market needs and strategies. It is sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society and meets annually in May.

Although it is the 13th IMW meeting to be held this year, it has a long history of Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory Workshops (NVSMW) dating back to 1976. In 2008, NVSMW and the International Conference on Memory Technology and Design (ICMTD) merged to incorporate both the volatile and non-volatile memory aspects in one forum while maintaining the workshop experience. And the scope was extended from non-volatile memory technology and design, which had been successfully discussed in more than 30 years of NVSMW, to the other memory technologies, which were the focus of ICMTD.

The IMW is the premier international forum for both new and seasoned technologists having diverse technical backgrounds to share and learn about the latest developments in memory technology with the global community. The scope of workshop content ranges from new memory concepts in early research to the technology drivers currently in volume production as well as emerging technologies in development. The morning and afternoon technical sessions are organized in a manner that provides ample time for informal exchanges amongst presenters and attendees. The evening panel discussions will address hot topics in the memory and memory system field. Papers are solicited in all aspects of semiconductor memory technology (Flash, DRAM, SRAM, PCRAM, RRAM, MRAM, FRAM, embedded memories, system, and emerging memories), including but are not limited to:

Device Physics & Modeling
New Concepts & Disruptive Technologies
Cell Design & Novel Materials
Emerging Applications & Markets
Circuit Design, Algorithms & Error Management
SSD, Mobile & Automotive Applications
Quality & Reliability
In-Memory & Neuromorphic Computing
System Architecture
Memory-enabled Artificial Intelligence

imw 2021 sponsors

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Srivardhan Gowda

Zhiqiang Wei

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