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The Fifth IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IVEC 2004) returned to the picturesque city of Monterey, California on
April 27-29, 2004.

"System Excellence through Vacuum Electronics"

IVEC 2004 was a great success. With nearly 200 presented papers and attendance close to 400, there was a great deal of technical information exchange and discussion, and international attendance was very high. The IVEC 2004 committee particularly wishes to thank our chairman, Dr. Dan Goebel, and program chair, Dr. Carol Kory, for their outstanding support and attention to detail. It was their commitment that made the difference in IVEC 2004's excellence!

The digest of conference abstracts is now available. The IEEE catalog number for the conference digest is catalog number 04EX786. The ISBN number is 0-7803-8261-7. The Library of Congress index is 2003114688. You can access the abstracts also through the IEEE Explore web site if you are an IEEE member:

A Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices is in development for publication in mid-2005 that will feature full journal articles of some of the most interesting results presented at the conference.

Be sure to start thinking about your papers for IVEC 2005 in Nordwik.