International Vacuum Electronics Conference 2004
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The Fifth International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IVEC 2004) is returning to the picturesque city of Monterey, California on April 27-29, 2004. The meeting will be held at the Monterey Conference Center at the DoubleTree Hotel under the sponsorship of the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS). Dr. Dan M. Goebel of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory will serve as the General Chair, and Dr. Carol L. Kory of CCR and Analex Corp/NASA GRC will serve as Technical Program Chair. Oversight of the conference is provided by the EDS Technical Committee on Vacuum Devices; an international committee chaired by Dr. James Dayton, Jr.

Since its inception in 2000, IVEC has become the premier international venue for presentations in the field of vacuum electronics. IVEC 2004 continues the tradition of the U.S. "Power-Tube" Conference in Monterey, which has become the US home of IVEC, in providing a forum for presentation and discussion of topics on vacuum devices, vacuum microelectronics, applications of vacuum devices, and the theory and technological developments of vacuum electron devices. IVEC meets in the U.S. every other year and in Europe and Asia alternately every fourth year. A highlight of the meeting will be the presentation of the IVEC Award for Excellence in Vacuum Electronics, given at the conference banquet. Complete details about the meeting and this award can be found on the conference web site at

The IVEC 2004 conference will begin with a half-day plenary session followed by two and a half days of oral and poster sessions. Two page abstracts for IVEC 2004 should be submitted electronically to Mr. Ralph Nadell of Palisades Convention Management at by January 5, 2004. Information on the preparation and submission of the abstracts can be found on the conference web site.

The 2004 conference will open with three plenary talks reviewing government supported educational research programs in the US, Europe and Asia. The plenary session will continue with four invited talks on the theme of "High-Frequency Technology". The conference will then transition into presentations of contributed papers on a variety of topics related to vacuum electron devices for the next two and a half days in three parallel oral session and two poster sessions. Papers will include presentations on a wide range of classic vacuum devices, including traveling wave tubes, crossed field devices, klystrons, inductive output tubes, fast wave devices, free electron lasers, pulse compression devices, high pulsed power devices, plasma filled amplifiers, triodes, tetrodes, pentodes and switches. In the area of vacuum microelectronics, IVEC is seeking papers on microwave and millimeter wave devices, displays, sensors, field emitter arrays and microwave devices. Under systems and subsystems, IVEC is including component parts (guns, collectors etc.), microwave power modules, electronic power conditioners, power supplies, linearizers, amplifier/antenna coupling, device and subsystem integration, reliability and life. Under the heading of theory and technologies, IVEC is seeking papers on computer analysis and modeling, novel materials, electron emission, RF and high voltage breakdown, linearity, intermodulation, noise, measurement techniques, miniaturization and thermal control.