(Committee on Man and Radiation)

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

The Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) is a group of experts on health and safety issues related to electromagnetic fields, from powerline through microwave frequency ranges.

COMAR is a Technical Committee of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). It reports to the EMBS President and Administrative Committee.

COMAR's primary area of interest is biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. It examines and interprets the biological effects and presents its findings in an authoritative manner, usually in Technical Information Statements (TIS's) or Position Papers. These papers are subject to an extensive review process within the Committee and represent the consensus of the Committee.

COMAR does not establish safety standards, but it has an interest in the standards activity within its scope.


Chair: Richard A. Tell, M.S.

Richard Tell Associates, Inc.
10037 Long Meadow Road
Madison, AL 35756
Tel: (256) 434-1273

Vice Chair: Jerrold T. Bushberg, PhD, DABMP, FAAPM

Health and Medical Physics Inc.
7784 Oak Bay Circle
Sacramento, CA 95831
Tel: 800-760-8414

Secretary: Donald L. Haes, Jr., M.S., CHP CLSO

Consulting Health Physicist
PO Box 198
Hampstead, NH 03841
Tel: (617) 680-6262


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Below is list of the published COMAR Papers on human exposure to electromagnetic energy. The papers represent the broad consensus of the COMAR membership.

COMAR Reports and Publications
COMAR Technical Information Statement: Health and Safety Issues Concerning Exposure of the General Public to Electromagnetic Energy from 5G Wireless Communications Networks
Radiofrequency Safety and Utility Smart Meters
COMAR Technical Information Statement: Expert Reviews on Potential Health Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields and Comments on the BioInitiative Report
COMAR Technical Information Statement: Exposure of medical personnel to electromagnetic fields from open magnetic resonance imaging systems. Health Physics 89(6):684-689, 2005
COMAR Technical Information Statement: The IEEE exposure limits for radiofrequency and microwave energy. IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Mar/Apr 114-121, 2005
Letter: Cellphones pose no gas station hazard, IEEE Spectrum: April 2004
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity - A COMAR technical information statement, IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Sept/Oct 173-175, 2002
USE OF 'PROTECTIVE DEVICES' FOR CELLULAR TELEPHONES, IEEE in Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 21:105-106 (2002)
Spanish Version - Utilización de "dispositivos de protección" para teléfonos móviles
Human exposure to radio frequency and microwave radiation from portable and mobile telephones and other wireless communication devices -- A COMAR technical information statement. IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Jan/Feb 128-131, 2001
Spanish Version - Exposición humana a la radiación de radiofrecuencia y microondas generada por teléfonos móviles y otros dispositivos de comunicación inalámbricos
Saftey Issues Associated with Base Stations Used for Personal Wireless Communications
Spanish Version - Consideraciones sobre la seguridad de las estaciones base de telefonía móvil
Possible Hazards From Exposure to Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Vol 19 (1) pp. 131-137 (January-February 2000)
Human Exposure to Electric and Magnetic Fields from RF Sealers and Dielectric Heaters, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Vol. 18 (1) pp. 88-90 (January - February 1999)
Radiofrequency Interference with Medical Devices, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 17(3): 111-114, 1998
Biological Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields from Video Display Terminals, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 16(3): 87-92, 1997
COMAR Report by Ruth Miller: "Unfounded Fears: The Great Power-Line Cover-Up Exposed- Part I", IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 15(1):116-120, 1996
Public Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields from High Definition Television (HDTV) Broadcasting, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 14(5):650-651, 1995
Human Exposure to Microwaves and Other RF Electromagnetic Fields, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 14(3):336-337, 1995
COMAR after 25 Years: Still a Challenge! John M. Osepchuk, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 15(3):120-125, 1996

Other Commentary by COMAR Members -- Not COMAR Reports
Is there a link between exposure to power-frequency electric fields and cancer? J. E. Moulder and K. R. Foster, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 18(2):109-117 (1999)