A meeting of the EMBS Standards Committee was convened on Saturday, November 1, 1997 in the Wisconsin Room of the Downtown Marriott hotel in Chicago, Illinois at 2:00 p.m., Robert Munzner presiding.

The following persons were present:

Gideon Kantor
Rory Cooper
Alvin Wald
Arthur Sherwood
Carole Carey
Guy Hammer
Robert Munzner

The following members did not attend:

Steli Loznen
Joshua Tsitlik
Curt Sponburg
Murray Eden
Howard Bassen

Old Business:

1. Guy Hammer reported that extensive effort is being applied to the an infrared medical imaging standard.

2. Rory Cooper is providing liaison with ANSI. He reported 22 technology standards will referenced to an ISO counterpart. An ISO standard for powered wheelchairs is being drafted and many substantial sections have reached the CD level, and a few have reached the DIS level. The standard is identified as ISO-7176-21.

3. Arthur Sherwood is providing liaison with the working group for gait analysis devices, but there was nothing new to report.

4. Steli Loznen (by correspondence) will report on IEC TC62 proceedings. He has been nominated as an official liaison to that committee.

New Business:

1. Operations and Procedures

The committee resolved to adopt the operating procedures provided in the IEEE model policy and procedures document with the following modifications:

2. By acclamation, Guy Hammer was appointed to position of Vice-Chair, and Carole Carey was appointed to the position of Secretary.

3. Standards Activity Data Base

4. Medical Information Bus

5. Task Assignments

These minutes were distributed to all persons present and, after 30 days, no additions or corrections were offered.


       Carole C. Carey, Secretary



    Robert F. Munzner, Ph.D., Presiding

(*the mini-symposium was part of the EMBS Annual Conference; not connected with this committee meeting)
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