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Janet O'Neil, Editor-in-Chief

Summer 2010 – Issue No. 226

Letter from the Editor

President’s Message

Completed Careers

EMC Personality Profile

EMC Society History
EMC Society Newsletter Review – 50-25-10 Years Ago

Obituaries in the EMC Newsletter

EMC Standards Activities from Summer 2000 Newsletter


Practical Papers, Articles and Application Notes

Gaps in the Application of the EMC Directive Due to Inadequate Harmonized
Product Standards

EMI Failure Analysis Techniques: II. Joint Time-Frequency Analysis

Partial Inductance

Creating Practical Experiments on EMC

EMC Standards Activity: We Need More “Smarts” for the EMC Society Activity in Smart Grid
Highlights of Connectivity Week 2010: EMC and Smart Grid

Book Reviews

Design Tips: Differential Signals are NOT Immune to EMI/EMC Concerns!

Chapter Chatter

Remembering Emeritus Professor Amemiya

The Importance of Technical Paper Writing
Writing a Technical Paper

A Report on the 2010 Asia-Pacific International EMC Symposium in Beijing


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