V. Patterns of Camp Attendance

For some time over the operation of the camp, it had been suspected that certain schools and school boards were more proactive about encouraging young women to investigate projects like Discover Engineering. (Many of these boards have now been amalgamated into one large board of education for the City of Toronto, or the Megacity as it is known locally. Time will tell how this affects the attendance patterns.)

Fig. 4. Camp Attendance by School Board.

The attendance figures for a 5 year period are shown in Figure 4. The data shown are only approximate. In some cases, the number of female students in a particular board had to be estimated by dividing the total number of students by 2. As well, the number of female students in the private school system is very small (n=1,250), so the attendance rates may not be statistically significant. The data seems to indicate the following:

There are other interesting anomalies that show up in the raw data (not shown here). Two interesting examples: