DESC Sessions - Descriptions


During the week long session of the camp students participate in hands-on activities in a stimulating learning environment which allow young women to achieve success in small engineering projects in a variety of engineering fields. Introductory Information.

Note: For the most current information regarding the Discover Engineering Camp please refer to WIE website.


Current Camp Sessions

  Ice-breaker Session
Tower Building Exercise - Civil Engineering
Assembling an LED Circuit - Electronics
RoboLab - Mechanical Engineering
Making "Slime" - Chemical
Panel Discussion
  Digital Logic Circuits - Computer Engineering
  CANTEL Cellular Technology - Field Trip
Group Barbecue

At the end of each weekly session students are asked to fill out a questionnaire about the camp. The results of these evaluations are presented in the Annual Report (copies can be obtained from the Project Co-Ordinator).




Past Activities

The camp activities change over the years. In the past, the following activities were also part of the camp:

Pasta Bridge
Plane Construction and Wind Tunnel Exercise
Pneumatic Controller
Lego Vehicles
Multimedia Project
Field Trips to Skydome and Hugh-MacMillan Rehabilitation Centre
AutoCad Session
Egg-Drop Contest