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What is an electronic Mailing List?

 One mailing list is exclusively for news and announcements.

  • You do not need to subscribe to this mailing list. Monthly email is automatically sent to all current EdSoc members. The user list is generated directly from the IEEE membership database. You can unsubscribe if you wish—the directions are located at the bottom of each posting.

    Some examples of postings to this list include:
    • the monthly News&Notes bulletin
    • FIE, ASEE, and other appropriate conference announcements,
    • relevant Call-For-Papers announcements,
    • regional Education Society events.

You may unsubscribe to this mailing list at https://www.ieee.org/ra/e-notice/section-optout.html. You will need to have your IEEE membership number handy. Note: opting-out of this mailing list may effect all IEEE mailing lists you are subscribed to.

 Mailing List for Chapter Officers and Leaders

The Chapters Committee maintains a low-volume mailing list for the purpose of communicating with EdSoc Chapter leaders. This is a closed list (you cannot subscribe/unsubscribe yourself) and is intended solely for the purpose of chapter business.

If you would like to be added or removed from this mailing list contact the Chair of the Chapters Committee (Rob Reilly r.reilly@ieee.org).

 The Distinguished Lecturer Series program maintains another that is exclusively for discussions involving topics within the EdSoc's Field of Interest.

  • If you would lke to participate in this mailing list, you will need to subscribe (see Join/Subscribe item below).

    There will, hopefully, be postings to this mailing list that initiate society-relevant discussions, which will assist us to become better at emparting knowledge and more knowledgable professionals.

    For example, people may ask questions such as:
    • What imact does the Bologna Agreement have on our field?
    • What's up with the WTO and education?
    • 'Xyz' seems to be a developing trend in education, let's talk about its implications..
    • Does anyone have a teaching module for an Ethics in Engineering course?

 Distinguished Lecturer Series Presentations

The postings by the Distinguished Lecturers have been archived and are available here. For further information contact Rob Reilly (r.reilly@ieee.org), Chair, Distinguished Lecture Series Program.

 How-to Join/Subscribe

After successfully following the Join/Subscribe instructions (click just below) you will receive a confirmation email stating that this is a CLOSED mailing list. That means that some human intervention is needed before your 'subscribe' command will be completed.

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 How-to Leave/Unsubscribe

Unlike the Join/Subscribe process, this process is fully automatic. You only need to send email as described in the instructions (just below).

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 How-to Send/Post a Message

View instructions on how to send/post a message to the entire EdSoc mailing list.

 Away from Your Email Account for a Time?

View instructions if you're going on vacation or just need to discontinue traffic from the mailing list.

 Need Human Help/Report a Problem

If you experience a problem situation or have any questions or need help with the Mailing List contact Rob Reilly (r.reilly@ieee.org).