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The IEEE Education Society starts-up a new line of projects oriented to increase the participation in activities of the Society at different worldwide levels, including Chapters, Student Branches, Members, Associations, etc.

An internal call for projects was launched in the last quarter of 2011 with a 12,000 US$ budget and three projects was selected to be developed in 2012 >>>

a. "Development of a new IEEE Region 10 conference in 2012" coordinated by Dr. Russ Meier, Conference Vice President of the IEEE Education Society. Involvement: IEEE Region 10 members and IEEE Education Society officers - 6,000 US$. Main objective: Develop a new conference of the IEEE Education Society in the IEEE Region 10 and establish a permanent working group as the new Steering Committee there.

b. "Kick-off for the iLab Europe-Africa-Canada Grid" coordinated by Dr. Michael Auer and Dr. Hamadou Saliah-Hassane. Involvement: Carinthia Tech Institute, Villach, Austria; TELUQ /Lab@DER (University of Quebec in Montreal); Makerere University, Uganda; Monastir Sciences Palace, Tunisia; IAOE and GOLC - 3,000 US$. Main objective: Start the establishment of a joint iLab Grid between European, African and Canada iLab locations.

c. "IEEE-ES Publications Web Site" coordinated by Dr. Martin Llamas, Dr. Gabriel Diaz and Dr. Inmaculada Plaza, Spanish Chapter of the IEEE Education Society (Spain). Involvement: CESEI, Spanish Chapter of the IEEE Education Society and University of Vigo - 3,000 US$. Main objective: The main target of this project is to design and develope a new IEEE Education Society publications website inside IEEE dominion.

The IEEE Education Society ad hoc New Initiatives Committee is formed by:

  • Manuel Castro - chair
  • Martin Llamas - secretary
  • Oliver Ban
  • Claudio Brito
  • Trond Clausen
  • Russ Meieir
  • Seyed Mousavinezhad
  • Inma Plaza
  • Hamadou Saliah-Hassane
  • James Sluss
  • Edmundo Tovar
We start the call for proposals on December 4th, for an amount of $20,000 US$, and is expect to have assigned the new projects for the 2012-2013 at the beginning of 2013.