The 2010 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting will feature a full complement of tutorials, with twelve half-day tutorials spanning a total of four days. You can attend up to seven tutorials with a simple, single registration, with the material for all tutorials included in this package.

This program can help you fulfill your annual training requirements. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours to maintain professional license or certification will be available with these tutorials. IEEE is an official Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Authorized Provider through The International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET), and has adopted IACET guidelines and criteria for all its continuing professional development programs.

If you have questions concerning this extensive tutorial program, please contact Donald Dunn at: donald.dunn@ieee.org or Bruno Lequesne at: bruno.lequesne@ieee.org.

IEEE IAS 2010 Conference
Tutorial Program
0.4 CEU per tutorial
Up to 7 tutorials will be possible with a single registration

Morning Tutorials are from 8:00AM to 12:00PM
Afternoon Tutorials are from 2:00PM to 6:00PM

Program overview and schedule
Tutorial content

Grounding Considerations for Industrial Power Systems (Thursday, October 7 - Morning)
Matt McBurnett, P.E. - V I Engineering, LLC

  • Grounding System Design Principles and Concepts
  • Grounding System Performance
  • Recommended Design Procedures / IEEE Std 80
  • Integrated Grounding System Design
  • Grounding System Testing and Evaluation

Safety by Design / Arc Flash Protection (Wednesday, October 6 - Afternoon)
Jim Bowen, P.E. – Dashiell Corp

  • Safety by Design Considerations and Goals
  • Arc Faults and Incident Energy
  • Arc Fault Characteristics and Hazards
  • Safety Strategies, Options, New Technologies
  • High Resistance Grounding
  • NFPA 70 E 2010

Field Monitoring and Gas-Oil Analysis of Large Power Transformers (Wednesday, October 6 - Afternoon)
Brian Sparling - GE Energy Services Canada
This technical seminar will focus on the benefits to be achieved with the application of on-line monitoring technologies of critical transformers.

  • Life management techniques for power transformer assets
  • Failure detection and avoidance
  • Understanding the transformer as a "process"
  • The chemistry and physics of transformer insulation systems,
  • Moisture condition analysis of the insulation system
  • Correlating data to the actual operating conditions

MV Adjustable - Speed Drives (Wednesday, October 6 - Morning)
Kurt LeDoux - Toshiba International Corp

  • MV Drive Technology and Architecture
  • Solid –State Switching Devices
  • Basic Power Conversion Techniques
  • Drive Voltage Stress Issues
  • Bearing Shaft Currents
  • Harmonics and Mitigation
  • Starting Motors with Drives

2011 NEC Industrial Updates (Thursday, October 7 - Afternoon)
John Paschal, P.E. - Paschal Engineering, Inc.

  • 2011 NEC Industrial Applications Changes and Updates
  • 2011 NEC Chapter 5 Hazardous (Classified) Locations

Power System Engineering Calculations Part I (Tuesday, October 5 - Morning)
Robert Spiewak, P.E. - Polamex, Inc.

  • Review of Basic Electrical Engineering Formulas and Calculations
  • Review of Related Mathematical Concepts
  • Review of the Per Unit Method
  • Understanding Linearization and other Theorems
  • Problem Solving

Power System Engineering Calculations Part II (Tuesday, October 5 - Afternoon)
Dr. Kurt Ederhoff, PhD, P.E. - VI Engineering, LLC

  • Review of Electrical Definitions and Concepts
  • Mathematics for Basic Electrical Calculations
  • Calculating Power Factor and Harmonics
  • Equipment Sizing Calculations
  • Short Circuit and Grounding Calculations
  • Problem Solving

Over-Current Coordination for Industrial Applications (Thursday, October 7 - Morning)
Doug Durand, P.E. - KBR
Dominik Pieniazek, P.E. - VI Engineering, Inc.

  • Types of Fault Current
  • Protective Devices and Characteristic Curves
  • Coordination Time Intervals (CTIs)
  • Partial Differential Relaying
  • Directional Over Current Protection
  • Coordinating a System
  • Rules of Thumb for MV Equipment

Industrial & Commercial Power System Surge Overvoltage Protection (Tuesday, October 5 - Afternoon)
Dev Paul - AECOM Transportation
This tutorial will cover the overview of the Surge Overvoltage Protection of Industrial & Commercial AC Power System as well Protection of dc Rapid Transit System

IEEE Standard 3007.2 Recommended Practice for the Maintenance of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (Wednesday, October 6 - Morning)
Robert Schuerger, PE - HP Critical Facilities Services
This tutorial will cover what was formerly Chapters 5 and 6 from the Yellow Book and Chapter 8 from the Orange Book which are now a single comprehensive standard on maintenance for industrial and commercial power systems. New material not in the previous chapters on Reliability Centered Maintenance and Partial Discharge Testing of cables has been added to the standard.

A Physical Understanding of Transients in Synchronous Machines (Thursday, October 7 - Afternoon)
Bogi Bech Jensen - Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
This tutorial will allow practicing engineers to develop a better understanding of how synchronous machines behave during transients and to give them a physical understanding of what the transient and sub-transient reactances represent.

HVDC Transmission Systems: Technology Review and Emerging Trends (Monday, October 4 - Afternoon)
Dr. Babak Badrzadeh - Vestas Wind Systems A/S
This tutorial presents a review of the state-of-the-art HVdc technologies, ac and dc system interaction issues, emerging trends and technologies, and planning studies for HVdc transmission systems.

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