The 2013 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting will again have an extensive tutorial program, with a combination of invited and submitted tutorials. The tutorial committee will strive to offer a slate of topics that will appeal to the largest possible cross section of potential conference attendees having interest in the practical application of electrical and electronic technologies. These tutorials are intended to help experienced engineers and academics update or renew their knowledge base and to accelerate the development of engineers new to the profession or the field. The tutorial program is designed to provide all IAS Conference attendees with an opportunity to expand their IAS Conference experience, providing even more value as a result of their conference participation.

There will be an honorarium of $500 per tutorial for the presenter(s). Tutorial duration: 4 hours. The tutorials are expected to take place on Wednesday and Thursday of the conference week. Typical tutorial times are 8am - 12noon and 1pm - 5pm. The tutorial presenter(s) will be expected to provide the committee with the material for the tutorial well ahead of the meeting, in order to ensure quality and consistency for the program, and allow the committee to ask for changes as needed. THIS IS ALSO REQUIRED TO PROVIDE PRINTED MATERIALS TO THE ATTENDEES.


Submission due by 1 May 2013


If interested, please provide the information below and submit it to:

Dr. Joe Sottile
University Of Kentucky
Lexington, KY
40506-0001 USA

Tutorial Proposal Form

Download Form (docx)