BC Hydro Stave Falls Powerhouse Tour

Construction of the Stave Falls Dam and Powerhouse began in 1909 and was completed by January 1, 1912. From 1926 to 1928, the construction of an earthfill dam, tunnel and Powerhouse saw the completion of the Alouette component of the regional hydroelectric system.

In 1929, construction began on Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse at the narrow granite gorge 5.6 km downstream of Stave Falls. This development created Hayward Lake Reservoir, named after Stave Falls Dam's first Production Superintendent.

An additional generator was installed in the Ruskin Powerhouse in 1950 to meet increased electrical demand in the region. Electric power produced at the Ruskin Generating Station is used to meet short-term peak electrical demand in the Lower Mainland.

In January 2000, an upgrade to the Stave Falls Dam and Powerhouse was completed to increase the dam's efficiency while ensuring long-term hydroelectric service.

The Alouette-Stave-Ruskin generation system is a source of hydroelectricity for the Lower Mainland. Water from Alouette Lake is directed by tunnel to the Alouette Powerhouse on Stave Lake Reservoir where it then passes through the Stave Falls Powerhouse, and into Hayward Lake Reservoir. From here, water flows through the Ruskin Powerhouse and eventually down into the Fraser River. Together, the three powerhouses have a production capacity of 205 megawatts of electricity.

About the tour:
The adventure begins with a drive through Vancouverís beautiful lower mainland to the Power House at Stave Falls. The Power House at Stave Falls offers an exciting experience for visitors, with interactive games and historic displays that tell the story of how power helped build British Columbia. A guided tour will be provided where guests will enjoy a 9-minute orientation video and visit the "Generator Hall" and see the actual turbines and generators from 1912 and much more.

Cost of tour:

  • $80 (early bird), $100 (late registration)

Duration of tour:

  • 6 hours

Tour includes:

  • Roundtrip transportation from Sheraton Vancouver to BC Hydro Stave Falls
  • Tour of BC Hydro Stave Falls Powerhouse
  • Lunch