Microgrid of Oncor Electric Delivery

Time: Time: 10AM, 10/20/2015
Duration: 1.5-2 Hours
Address: 2471 South Dallas Avenue, Lancaster, TX 75146

The smart microgrid's generation assets consist of:

  • a 106-kW solar carport PV array;
  • an 8-kW ground-mounted PV array;
  • a 65-kW microturbine that runs primarily on propane (for reasons of cost and availability);
  • two 175kW diesel generators;
  • a 45-kW gas reciprocating generator;
  • a 25-kW/25-kWh S&C PureWave CES Community Energy Storage unit;
  • a 200-kW/400-kWh Tesla Li-ion batter storage unit.


8:30am Bus arrives to hotel
8:45am Check-in and load bus
9:00am Depart hotel
9:45am Arrival & unloading/welcome
10:00am Tour
Three groups will rotate between three stations, 20 minutes each
10:00-10:20am Station #1 (Immersion room)
10:20-10:40am Station #2 (Control room)
10:40-11:00am Station #3 (Outside – battery and solar panels)
11:00-11:15am Q&A/Wrap-up
11:15/11:20am Load Buses & Depart
12:00/12:15pm Arrival back to the hotel

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