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IEEE PES Lightning Performance of Overhead Lines Working Group: 15.09.08

Chair: Dr. Emanuel Petrache, Kinectrics, 800 Kipling Avenue, KL206, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M8Z 6C4
Vice chair: Dr. Jens Schoene EnerNex, 620 Mabry Hood Rd., Suite 300, Knoxville, TN 37922

This Working Group provides a forum for the open presentation of new ideas that improves lightning performance for distribution and transmission overhead line installations. In addition, this group will maintain and upgrade any ANSI technical standard that is applicable for lightning protection, or application. The WG will coordinate various task force assignments that address current issues in the utility market. This group maintains a website that provides up to date information for the membership, outlines working group activities and provides general items of interest for the utility engineer.

If you would like to become a member of the working group, contact Emanuel Petrache (meeting attendance is not required).

Next meeting: 2016 IEEE PES Joint Technical Committee Meeting in New Orleans, January 8 - 12, 2017 (tentatively)

Past Minutes

2016 PES General Meeting (Boston, MA)

2015 PES General Meeting (Denver, CO)

2014 PES General Meeting (Washington, DC)


WG Meeting at 2016 PES GM: Progress in CIGRE Working Groups on Lightning and Grounding

WG Meeting at 2015 PES GM: 2010 Presentation 'Grounding of Overhead Transmission Lines'

WG Meeting at 2014 PES GM: HydroOne presentation on placing transmission line surge arresters

IEEE Guidelines

IEEE Std. 1410-2004 Guide for Improving the Lightning Performance of Electric Power Overhead Distribution Lines
Order from IEEE

IEEE Std. 1243-1997 Design Guide for Improving the Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines
Order from IEEE


Version 2.05 of IEEE Flash was released on 2010-10-16. This version has been rewritten in Excel VBA with a worksheet interface. New in Flash 2.05 is a worksheet labeled "CFO" that estimates the insulation strength of a distribution line with wood and fiberglass. See the following site for more information and to download Flash:



2009 IEEE General Meeting, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2009 IEEE Winter Technical Meeting, Atlanta, GA

2008 IEEE T&D Conference, Chicago, IL, Panel Session on Lightning Protection

2007 General Meeting, Tampa, FL

2007 Winter Technical Meeting, Orlando, FL

2005 General Meeting, San Francisco, California

2004 General Meeting, Denver, CO

2003 General Meeting, Toronto

2001 IEEE T&D Conference & Expo Panel Session on Lightning Protection of Transmission and Distribution Lines

2000 IEEE Winter Power Meeting Panel Session on Lightning Modeling

1999 IEEE T&D Conference Panel Session on Distribution Lightning Protection

1999 IEEE Winter Power Meeting Distribution Working Group Meeting, New York City

Parent Organizations

Power Engineering Society
T & D Committee
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