Ottawa Electricity Deregulation 
Symposium and Tutorial 2002

"Tricks and Treats in Evolving Electricity Markets"


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Tutorial:  Physical and Market Mechanism for Non-Power System Professionals        

Instructors: Carl Kropp & Aidan Foss

 The tutorial is intended for the non-power system professional.  The objective is to provide the participant with:

  •          Familiarization with the language of the power system professional and the electricity trader.

  •         An understanding of the operating constraints of the electric power system and how they affect electrical
    energy transfer and trading.

  •          A review of the new electricity industry structure and trading arrangements in Ontario

 For more detailed abstract and bio, click on  Tutorial Abstracts.pdf or Tutorial Abstracts.doc

Symposium:  Risks and Opportunities in Deregulated Electricity Market                  

The Role of the National Research Council of Canada, Institute for National Measurement Standards, in a Deregulated Electric Power Industry
Dr. Eddy So, Director, Electromagnetic and Temperature Standards, 
Institute for National Measurement Standards, National Research Council of Canada

This presentation focuses on the role of NRC/INMS in trade metrology issues and opportunities in the energy sector in Canada arising from the worldwide deregulation of energy industries and the establishment of trading blocks and free trade zones.
For more detailed abstract and bio, click on NRC INMS DeregRole.pdf or NRC INMS DeregRole.doc

The First Six Months of the Ontario Wholesale Electricity Market 
Mike Isber, Market Relations Consultant, Independent Electricity Market Operator

The Ontario wholesale electricity market opened in May 2002 and introduced time-of-day pricing of electricity. How has the spot price behaved over the last six months. What has caused the price spikes up and down?  What is the Import Offer Guarantee and how does it affect uplift
For more detailed abstract and bio, click on 6MonthsElectricityMarket.pdf or 6MonthsElectricityMarket.doc

Environmental Drivers on Electricity Generation and Consumption 
Mike Gerbis, President, Delphi Group

Energy policies and markets are being driven by a series of converging market forces such as advances in new
technologies, increasing concerns about the relationship between air quality and human health, de-regulation and
restructuring of global energy markets
For more detailed abstract and bio, click on Environmental Drivers.pdf  or  Environmental Drivers.doc

Distribution Network Management Issues

Brian Doxtator, Asset Manager, Hydro Ottawa

The new business environment in Ontario is expected to lead to an increase in embedded generation.
For more detailed abstract and bio, click on Network Management.pdf or Network Management.doc

Risks and Opportunities for the Portfolio Generator

Ron Robinson, Vice President, Portfolio Management, OPG Energy Markets, Ontario Power Generation Inc.

In Ontario, some 70% of generation is owned and operated by OPG. How is the bidding from large numbers of generators co-ordinated, particularly with shared water-courses? How does OPG respond to generation shortfall messages from the IMO?
For more detailed abstract and bio, click on RisksOpportGenerator.pdf or RisksOpportGenerator.doc

Risks and Opportunities for the Consumer
Andrew Pride, Vice-President, Minto Energy Management

Consumers can, in principle, purchase electricity from the spot market, on contract, or through their distributor.
For more detailed abstract and bio, click on RisksOpportConsumer.pdf or RiskOpportConsumer.doc

Risks and Opportunities for the Retailer
Max Cananzi, Vice-President, Energy Portfolio Management and Generation, Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc.

Retailers offer to shield consumers by taking on the risks of spot market price volatility. How do Retailers quantify and manage this risk?.
For more detailed abstract and bio, click on RisksOpportRetailer.pdf or RisksOpportRetailer.doc


Procurement Consultantís View
Greg Clarke, Director, Energy Services, Energy Ottawa Inc. 

The restructured Ontario electricity market now offers customers choices about who will supply them with electricity but it also introduces new risks that customers should consider.
For more detailed abstract and bio, click ProcurementConsultant.pdf or ProcurementConsultant.doc


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