The 5th Annual
Electrical Power Symposium 2005
"Convergence of Power and High Technologies"
Building Intelligent & Responsive Systems
October 13 - 14, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada







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"Convergence of Power and High Technologies"

Building Intelligent & Responsive Systems

The Electrical Power Symposium 2005 (EPS2005) focuses specifically on issues related to the emerging opportunities arising from the convergence of the power and high technologies industry. The EPS  series is the industry’s leading conference and expo addressing the entire spectrum of issues relating to filling the gap between the telecom/high tech and utilities plus how the two technologies may work in a fully integrated way to create real business advantages.


Featuring Keynote Presentation from:

Garner Mitchell
Vice-president, Power Production, SaskPower

Speech: Convergence of Power and High Technologies

 The theme of this year’s conference is "Convergence of Power and High Technologies” and the program will include a variety of presentations and discussions led by top industry leaders on the subjects such as:

  • Challenges facing the Energy/Electricity Sector

  • Visions of High Technology and Power Convergence

  • Real Time Applications in Power Systems Communications in Power Networks and International Standards

  • Advanced Communications Technologies

  • The choice of advanced communications technologies

  • Automation in Power Systems

  • Wide Area Protection in Power Systems

  • Smart Metering Technologies

  • Smart Energy Management for Consumers

Benefits of attending and learning:

  • Find out about emerging opportunities arising from the convergence of power and high technologies - what the future is likely to hold.

  • Maximize your future potential by forming links with those that you meet, with the aim of developing longer-term commercial or research collaborations.

  • Learn how technology is helping utilities reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance reliability.

  • Address key issues, such as frequency regulation; voltage regulation; incident response; remote operation, feeder protection; real-time monitoring, security and demand control.

  • Follow what is happening in wireless (3G, CDMA, GPS WiFi and WiMAX) communications and monitoring services in the utilities that are into competition with fixed lines.

  • Discover how fiber optic communications (SONET/SDH) and automation can facilitate distributed generation?

  • Find out how LAN/MAN connected through the sockets in every wall to a WAN strung between the high-voltage pylons that crisscross the country can potentially eliminate the need for both data cabling and radios.

  • What is broadband over power lines? How this technology can help create the intelligent utility network where energy is delivered, monitored and managed in real-time, on demand.

Who should attend?

 CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, IT Managers, Network Managers, Telecom Managers, Energy Producers, Electric Power Executives, Utilities, Electric Generators, Government Regulators, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing & Risk Management, VCs, Universities, Consultants, Students, Engineers, and others with interest.

Symposium 2005

Date: October  14, 2005
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Chamber, Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive


Tutorial and Field Visit
 Attendees may also register for the Thursday, October 13th Tutorial at Algonquin College, and Field Visit to the
Optophotonics and Electrical Labs at Algonquin College, plus the Energy Ottawa automated heritage hydro-generating facility at Chaudiere Falls.

 Organized and Sponsored by
Ottawa IEEE Power Engineering Society Chapter and Ottawa IEEE Reliability Society Chapter in joint venture with the IEE Ottawa.

Platinum Sponsor:

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