The 5th Annual
Electrical Power Symposium 2005
"Convergence of Power and High Technologies"
Building Intelligent & Responsive Systems
October 13 - 14, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada







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EPS2005 Background and Objective:                                         


  The EPS2005 objective is to address the most important topics in both technologies such as Challenges facing the Energy/Electricity Sector; Visions of High Technology and Power Convergence; Real Time Applications in Power Systems Communications in Power Networks and International Standards; Advanced Communications Technologies; The choice of advanced communications technologies; Automation in Power Systems; Wide Area Protection in Power Systems; Smart Metering Technologies; and Smart Energy Management for Consumers. To learn more please click her to visit the EPS2005 Technical Program.

Over the last decade the telecommunications and information technology demand has grown exponentially. At the same time the demand for the energy has been significantly increased which led d the electric utilities, oil and gas companies, and other critical infrastructure organizations to deploy and to integrate their industries with IT and telecom strategies in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and strengthen the information backbones within their corporations. The energy and utility companies started to capitalize on continuing IT innovations to tackle  deal with the importance of implementing improved security measures into IT and telecom strategies in order to protect the data integrity and ensure the reliability of utility and energy telecom systems.  The continuous challenges for these two technologies is to map, model, manage and maintain their distributed facilities and networks optimally to meet new customer expectations and industry compliances.


Building on Ottawa’s prominent position in the high technology, telecommunications and renewable energy sectors, this Electrical Power Symposium 2005 (EPS2005) aims to identify the emerging opportunities for the convergence of power and high technologies. The EPS2005 theme is Converging Power and High Technologies in order to fill the gap between the telecom/high tech and utilities and to make the two technologies working together and fully integrated.
In Ontario, and many other jurisdictions around the world, the Central Station model is failing to deliver electricity in a financially sound manner. Whilst demand continues to grow, generation growth is constrained and debt is rampant. The best hydro sites have been utilized, oil and gas have supply limitations, coal has environmental issues, and nuclear generation has multiple concerns such as high cost, terrorism threat and waste.

Worldwide attention is rapidly turning therefore to demand management and small-scale distributed energy the future solution. However, this requires a fundamentally different approach to power system management. Key issues include load following; frequency regulation; contingency reserve; voltage regulation; operator visibility; black start; remote operation, feeder protection; real-time monitoring and demand control. These challenges are not insurmountable, but require the new application of high technology, and particularly telecommunications.

Come and learn what is Converging Power and High Technologies.

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The one-day symposium will take place on 14 October 2005 at Ben Franklin Place, Ottawa. Click here for direction map. On the previous day, registrants will be offered a visit/tutorial of educational/specialist interest.
The target audience is professionals from the high-tech and power industries, energy consumers, business organization, government, academic and engineering communities, and research centers. Expected attendance: 200-250.

 Further information may be obtained from the Organizing Committee 

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