Honorary Members

The Honorary Member classification is intended to apply to individuals who have made longstanding and notable contributions to the Committee, but because of extenuating circumstances, are generally unable to meet the other membership requirements. An Honorary Member shall have first been a member and shall have demonstrated a high level of participation and be generally recognized for his contribution. These individuals participate by reviewing and commenting on subjects in their field of expertise and are retained on committee mailing lists. This special membership grade will allow free meeting registration excluding the social program and technical luncheon fees.

Recommendations for Honorary member can be submitted by any member of the Main Committee. Submissions should be sent to the chair of the ERP Subcommittee for consideration.

  Roy Alexander
  John Angelis
  Dick Arndt
  Ron Beard
  Bill Bergman
  John Brunke
  Ray Capra
  Frank DeCesaro
  Alex Dixon
  J.L. Drown
  Denis Dufournet
  Edgar Dullni
  Pete Dwyer
  Larry Farr
  Marcel Fortin
  R.E. Friedrich
  Ruben Garzon
  Keith Gray
  G.R. Hanks
  Harold Hess
  Ed Jankowich
  Jerry Jerabek
  Harry Josten
  Lou Kolarik
  Dave Kumbera
  Steve Lambert
  Ward Laubach
  John Leach
  George Lester
  Bill Long
  M.J. Maier
  J.R. Marek
  Larry McCall
  Bill McKay
  Nigel McQuin
  Steve Meiners
  Harvey Mikulecky
  Dave Mitchell
  Alec Monroe
  Georges Montillet
  Ann Morgan
  Paul Notarian
  Ted Olsen
  Gordon Perkins
  H. Pflanz
  Robert Puckett
  Kris Ranjan
  Hugh Ross
  Tim Royster
  Eric Ruoss
  Gerry Sakats
  Bill Schmunk
  John Shullaw
  Frank Smith
  H. Mel Smith
  Jim Smith
  John St. Clair
  Dave Stone
  Jim Swank
  Dave Swindler
  Stan Telander
  Fred Teufel
  Tom Tobin
  Chuck Wagner
  G. Wilson
  W.R. Wilson
  John Wood
  Elbert Worland

Updated: May 3, 2021