Technology & Innovation Subcommittee

Subcommittee Name

Technology & Innovation Subcommittee


Treatment of all matters relating to new Technologies and Innovations applicable to the Scope of the Switchgear Committee. This includes facilitating and conducting research, developing technical reports, and making recommendations for further advancement of IEEE switchgear standards.
NOTE: This subcommittee is not chartered to write standards


Alex Cochran

G&W Electric Co.

Vice-Chair / Secretary:

Caryn Riley

Georgia Tech

What's new in the Technology & Innovations Subcommittee?

This is a new subcommittee that had its first meeting during IEEE Switchgear Committee meeting in Spring 2018. The first step will be to identify the subcommittee members, which process will start during 2018 Fall Switchgear Committee meeting. If you have background in technology and innovation, already participate in the switchgear standards meetings, and would like to take an active role in this subcommittee, please contact the chair.

Subcommittee Documents, Working Groups, and Task Forces:

  1. TF1: To review IEEE 1547 standard and analyze its impact on the switchgear standards (led by Paul Leufkens)
  2. TF2: To draft procedures for T&I committee, such as a project proposal, project selection guidelines, etc. (led by Nenad Uzelac)
  3. Both TF to report back at our meeting at the 2018 Fall Switchgear Committee meeting

For more information on the T&I Subcommittee please see the Minutes of the Meetings

Updated: January 30, 2024