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Connecting The Mobile World

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VTC Spring 2002
Connecting the Mobile World
Birmingham, Al
Sheraton Birmingham Hotel
May 6 - 9, 2002

Guidelines for Preparing Papers
for the VTC Spring 2002 Conference Record

A quality publication depends on good consistent implementation of these guidelines by all authors. Please read all of the documents and abide by these guidelines.

  1. Author Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Electronic Files (PDF) Includes a frequently asked question section.
  2. Detailed Manuscript Preparation Information and MS Word Template MS Word PDF
  3. Sketch of Page Layouts PDF

A short note, about uploading your paper...

The directory discused in the above papers is "hidden" from view so you have to change to this directory you can not see. Similarly, you can not see the other files that have been loaded to this directory. Don't let this bother you. Most have been able to upload by just proceeding forward. If you wish, you can use the DOS ftp command to do this (substituting your paper's tracking number for Txx-yyy.pdf )...

>From DOS prompt:

C:\> ftp
     (give userid the userid in the instructios when asked)
     (give password password in the instructions when asked)
ftp> cd /vtc02spring
ftp> binary
ftp> put Txx-yyy.pdf
ftp> quit