Neural Networks Council Overview

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Neural Networks Council Overview

The IEEE Neural Networks Council consists of 2 delegates from each of 15 sponsoring IEEE Societies, i.e.,

These delegates are chartered with promoting the fields of neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, virtual reality, biomolecular computing and related technologies. To this end they have elected a Council President and other officers. They have also established the Regional Interest Groups (RIGs) Committee to facilitate interaction of those in the field at a local level.

Although the RIGs will be organized similarly to Chapters of IEEE Societies, they will not actually be Chapters. This is because the Neural Networks Council is itself not a particular Society but rather an inter-Societal organization. The ramifications of these distinctions emerge in considerations of formal names and funding mechanisms.

Your RIG will have direct administrative contact with both the NNC itself and your local IEEE Section. The NNC may provide financial assistance, access to leading speakers and promotion of your activities via the RIGs newsletter. The Section may also provide financial assistance, and promotion of your activities via the Section newsletter.

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